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Praise for "How to Be Kind of Good Looking in an Otherwise Ugly World"

". . . the message is a treat through and through. Over and over I would stop as I read it to Garret and say, 'this sounds like such a true blend of Kuthumi and Louise.' You are beautiful grapes and blended with the voice of time. Kuthumi, we now have a new sweet wine."
- Norma Delaney, Dr. of Breath, Channeler of Kuan Yin and Ohamah
"Real beauty is in one's soul, but it rarely finds its way to one's face and body. With this book Louise Sarezky opens her heart and her humor to co-create with Kuthumi Lal Singh—a road map to the simple secrets of leading a beautiful life, in spite of the harsh realities of physical reality. Read this book slowly to drink in every word and every morsel of delicious energy!"
- Geoffrey Hoppe, * Messenger and author of the "Tobias Materials"
"At first I thought that references to becoming teachers were limited to Shaumbra. But then I realized that I was being 'silly' - we are all Teachers and Students . . . the world needs this book."
- Carolyn Martin, Teacher (and Student)

Praise for "Silly, Silly Human - A Guidebook for Dummies Who Want to Remain Dummies"

"Louise Sarezky embodies the essence of Kuthumi Lal Singh, allowing his energy and his words to flow through her onto the pages of this book. While often approaching the human condition with tongue-in-cheek humor, Louise and Kuthumi offer the touch of beautiful wisdom for anyone searching for new answers. A simply magnificent book."
- Geoffrey Hoppe, * Messenger and author of the Tobias Materials
"What a delightful read in clarity is this new book channeled by Louise Sarezky from Kuthumi Lal Singh. It combines wit, clarity and humor in a wonderful, straightforward way, inspiring understanding and use of the New Energy."
- Linda Hansen, Teacher and Channeler
"The words and Energy of this "Silly Human" gift from Kuthumi and Louise made our hearts smile and our souls giggle. This book is truly a blessing for all."
- Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky, Teachers of Breath, Kuan Yin and Ohamah

More Praise for the Louise/Kuthumi Books

"I am so in awe and gratitude at how time and age allows us new choices in truth and conscious living. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your books - the material will be a life-long gift. I feel bathed in Light and Love."
- Steven Gootgeld, Taos, New Mexico
"I just finished reading your new books and absolutely loved them. Thank you so much for allowing Kuthumi to send us his message. I'm sure I will be reading them again and again."
- Barbara Finney, Chicago, Illinois
"I finished reading the last line on your book, How to be Kind of Good Looking in an Otherwise Ugly World. I have never read such a beautiful book. There are tears flowing from my heart."
- Yugi Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Japan
"I loved reading your books. They spoke straight to my heart and spirit. I've cried and laughed. Thank you for this gift to all who read these books. They are beautiful."
- Linda Smith, Shreveport, Louisiana
"I read the books from Louise and Kuthumi and they are truly wonderful... I loved the energy and the sounds and everything. I also love that they are very short and not "mindy" but "hearty.""
- Lea Hamann, Frankfort, Germany
"Congratulations on your glowing creations!"
- Siglinde Schwenzel, World traveler
"Your gorgeous books have arrived and I don't think words can do them justice. It was so gorgeous to read your and Kuthumi's combined energy. Thank you for your amazing and inspiring work!"
- Marisa Calvi, Author and channeler, Sydney, Australia
"I am thrilled to read what you and your great friend have to say..."
- Annie Francoeur, Alberta, Canada
"Your books have been an inspiration and joy to so many people around the world. You not only bring in the humor and wisdom of Kuthumi, but you also add your style and grace to every word. You and Kuthumi make an ideal writing team."
- Geoffrey Hoppe, *Messenger and author of the "Tobias Materials"

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